Manisha - 1994

by W. David Oliphant and Friends

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Well I was cleaning the house and found an odd marked cd "Ambient Mix" with the tracks included here. Except for the group name there was no further info and I have long forgotten why I made it.

This was all recoded live 1992-1994 direct to DAT tapes, except for track three which is a solo studio recording.

Each group while sounding similar had a specific different focus.

Life Garden was an experiment with acoustic, electronic instruments and voice to create an otherworldly spiritual noise.

The Amnesia Quartet was the 'house' band at Peter Ragan's Metropophobobia performance space in downtown Phoenix during the early 1990s to late 1998. Many people came and went. Peter, Joe and myself were the core from the beginning. Our goal was just to see what happens in an improvised framework.

Spacewave Syndrome was another 'Bobia' band band with Peter and myself at the core. Our goal was big drone music. (Note: track seven isn't really Spacewave Syndrome but falls into the same concept of big drones)


released December 12, 2012

1 & 6. Life Garden Live 1994 - Peter Ragan perc. Su Ling voice, wdo, electromics etc.

2 & 4.The Amnesia Quartet - circa 1994 - Joe Willy Smith: saxophone, hand perc, Peter Ragan: percussion, bowed metal, wdo: erhu, live mix and treatments, electronics

5. Live 1994. Peter Ragan: percussion. wdo: electronics, misc instruments

7. Live in the studio 1992. wdo - misc acoustic instruments, treatments - live loops, mixing. Kerry Kugelman: misc acoustic instruments



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