Music From Another Earth Vol 1 12​-​2015

by wdo



This music is loosely based on a very long lucid dream that I had a few years ago. The dream traveled around to a wide variety of situations, one that repeated frequently was music based.

It begins inside a very large high tech shopping mall. I walk through some sliding glass doors into what I thought was just a store but was in (this) reality an entrance to an alternate Earth. The environment was generally consistent with our Earth and it took me a bit to realize I was somewhere else. I was still inside a mall and I walked over to a music store. Some really fk'ed up jazz was playing. Whacked out timing, string instruments that varied in sound from upright bass to bowed metal to raspy reeds, all on one string. There were many other equally odd instruments and within the Jazz concept there were many small group combos each having a unique approach to their sound.

I discover that on this Earth the world culture is generally based on Tibetan Culture and Buddhism. There are still different countries and languages and all the things that make a community culturally different. There were no wars (but still local problems occasionally erupt...) So many of the economic and cultural problems that our Earth has did not exist in this alternative 'Tibetan Earth'.

Sticking with the music aspect of this; I was given a bunch 'cd's' and various playback devices with the understanding that I was to reverse engineer the equipment so the other Earth's media could be heard and seen on our Earth. I was also given an instrument to learn how to play.

My goal is to recreate that sound and music but this is still a distant echo of what I heard in the dream.

They are probably all way too long and have little if anything to do with jazz, but I like it this way for now.


released December 5, 2015



all rights reserved